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Dietary Server

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Job Description

This position is responsible for providing food service to the tenants in a positive and friendly manner. Services may include – related services, set-up and clean up of dining room, food preparation, serving food, and dishwashing.

Job Location

Eagan Pointe Senior Living

Duties and Responsibilities

This position requires the incumbent to:

  • Possess a sensitivity and aptitude for working with the elderly. 
  • Prioritize and organize work effectively and efficiently.
  • Possess skills to communicate effectively with tenants, families, staff and other customers.
  • Possess the ability to read, write and comprehend simple instructions, correspondence and documentation, including medical terminology, in English.
  • Be punctual with a good attendance record.
  • Must demonstrate good interpersonal skills.
  • Understand how to use, carry and be responsible for the cell phone while on duty.

Job Function: Kitchen Helper


  • Utilize food preparation tools and equipment, as directed by the cook
  • Able to complete simple food preparation
  • Able to use portion control when serving food
  • Able to assemble, dish and plate food according to the scheduled menu
  • Help to minimize waste and excess food
  • Maintain high quality food standards
  • Must come to work with proper uniform in accordance with Southview Senior Communities uniform policy.

Job Function: Safe Food Handling


  • Practice strict personal hygiene including proper hand washing techniques
  • Utilize gloves and hair restraint when handling cold and ready to eat foods
  • Monitor time and temperature of foods
  • Hold hot foods at 1400 F or above and cold foods at 410 F or below
  • Avoid cross-contamination
  • Store and label foods properly

Job Function: Dining Room Attendant


  • Be familiar with weekly menu
  • Wash and sanitize tables
  • Know basic place settings when setting a table
  • Set tables with place settings and condiments
  • Replenish condiments as needed
  • Prepare beverages and serve per tenant request
  • Set up bussing station in a convenient, yet out of the way location
  • Transport food and supplies to other areas of the building as needed
  • Meet time schedule of meal service
  • Perform plate service for meal delivery
  • Follow service etiquette
  • Assist tenants with completion of menus
  • Be sensitive to and meet the needs of the tenants, following through with their requests
  • Clear tables between courses and at the end of the meal service

Job Function: Dishwashing


  • Operate dishwasher according to directions
  • Scrape, rinse, rack, wash, air dry and put dishware and kitchenware away
  • Keep an inventory of dishwashing supplies

Job Function: Cleaning


  • Clean and sanitize work areas, including dining room tables
  • Recycle cans and plastic in appropriate areas
  • Assist with cleaning of dining room and kitchen
  • Dispose of trash in proper place
  • Clean and maintain dining room appliances and dining room area
  • Vacuuming
  • Sweep and mop the kitchen area
  • Wipe the beverage station as needed.



  • Good physical and mental health, including visual and auditory acuity.
  • Demonstrates good verbal communication skills, in English.

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