It has been the best place to handle the hardest thing I have ever done.  You and your staff are the best!  Your patience has been appreciated. Keep doing what you do!

With gratitude.


Thanks so much for all your help so far with our move of mom.


The building is so beautiful, but the people are what make it special.  Every one of you bring your talent and caring to work very day.  You made us feel like family.  My dad and mom loved you and I still do.  You took our lemons and made lemonade.

With much gratitude.

Karen S.

Every time I come to see mom I feel some apprehension and often cry on the way home. She is a shell, in many ways, of what she used to be.  I pray, just bless our time together - and he does.

Today as I was leaving these leaves caught my eye. They had once been something that people would seek out in the fall to appreciate their beauty. They've been blown down in the wind and have disintegrated to a shell.  Look, though, now they are intact - all of the veins of life still perfect. I asked a couple of people what they saw in them.  "A rotten leaf." To me they are so beautiful in their "earthly imperfection." This to me was one of the many reminders I'm given when things are overwhelming.

Mom is intact and beautiful. Everytime I watch you be with her I see it. I am so thankful that you are the one who can look at her as the woman she always was, not a shell, but beautiful as those adornments of youth have faded, sometimes more & more every day.

I love you for it!


The best part of our experience was the staff.

I hope you know how comforting it was when we all walked away and knew they were cared for.  The gals in the Memory Unit do their work like they love the residents.  That is something that cannot be taught, it comes from within their hearts - The nursing staff, housekeeping and maintenance & kitchen also are all outstanding also.

Thanks for the good experience!

Linda C.