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Residence Director

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Job Description

Manage the operations of Southview Senior Communities. Ensure that the housing property is supported by high quality programs and services which allow tenants to live in the most beneficial environment. Direct the property in such a way that meets the needs of the tenants and complies with and meets the goals of regulatory agencies and [Name of Company]. Coordinate services with home care services.

Job Location

Eden Prairie Senior Living

Duties and Responsibilities

JOB FUNCTION: Develop, monitor and evaluate systems, programs and services that address needs of a very challenging and diverse tenant population as well as the goals of [Name of Company].


  • Listen and respond appropriately and promptly to requests, suggestions and concerns of tenants, family members and guests.
  • Provides tours and explanations of services to potential tenants, families and referrals.
  • With the RN, monitors and documents any tenants who are not meeting the residency requirements, calling conferences with the tenant and or the tenant's responsible person, make recommendations for more suitable options and, if necessary, begins the process to terminate the residency agreement.
  • Continuously from assess tenants' needs and strengths. Develop and implement policies, systems, programs and services that meet tenants' needs and utilize their strengths to support and maintain their independence and create an optimal quality of life.
  • Assess information from tenant satisfaction surveys and develop and implement a plan to address areas of concern and improve service effectiveness.
  • Work with staff to plan, coordinate, implement and attend activities, special events, and educational opportunities (These activities take place both during and after working hours).
  • Network with agencies, service providers and stakeholders to establish a positive image and presence in the greater community.
  • Provide ongoing communication to executive staff, board members and owners through monthly written communication.
  • Coordinate and evaluate agreements with arranged home care providers, as needed.
  • Plan and coordinate emergency and disaster plans with staff and arranged providers.

JOB FUNCTION: Supervise a large number of employees in such a way that achieves property objectives and best supports staff.


  • Recruit and from select staff with management team.
  • Ensure timely and appropriate training of all site staff, online and education classes.
  • Assign tasks and responsibilities to site staff.
  • Monitor performance and provide regular feedback plus at least one formal written review annually.
  • Communicate regularly with staff to provide them with necessary information and understanding, and to discuss concerns, suggestions and property operations so as to develop and maintain an effective, cohesive staff team.
  • Write and keep updated job descriptions for on-site staff.

JOB FUNCTION: Achieve the financial objectives of the property and Southview Senior Communities.


  • Work with executive staff to prepare annual operating and capital budgets.
  • Monitor financial status of property. Analyze budget variances. Promptly initiate corrective actions as necessary to stay within approved budget parameters.
  • Authorize and ensure the prompt payment of all project expenditures; review all invoices and purchase orders for accuracy.
  • Oversee and ensure the implementation of properties revenue sources.
  • Monitor and work with executive staff to update the replacement reserve analysis and make recommendations for reserve funding.
  • Work with the maintenance staff and executive staff to identify capital needs and make recommendations that maintain the optimal long-term financial and physical integrity of the property.
  • Ensure the accurate and timely completion of all lease renewals (or HUD recertifications as appropriate).
  • Represent the property in court for unlawful detainor.

JOB FUNCTION: Maintain optimal occupancy of the property.


  • Develop and update the tenant selection plan in accordance with regulatory requirements. Work with Director of Nursing to assure timely assessments for assisted living and memory care tenants.
  • Continuously monitor and ensure the prompt filling of vacancies.
  • Contact media sources with management to place advertisements as needed.
  • Select, approve and certify tenants in compliance with regulatory agencies and standards set by Southview Senior Communities.
  • Develop and maintain property waiting lists (in compliance with HUD regulation when appropriate.
  • Monitor and maintain ongoing knowledge and understanding of the internal and external markets affecting the occupancy of the housing properties.
  • Continuously maintain positive connections and relationships with neighborhood agencies, organizations and individuals to ensure optimal marketability of housing property(s).
  • Ensure current tenancy satisfied to promote "word of mouth".

JOB FUNCTION: Ensure the proper, high quality physical maintenance of the property.


  • Maintain a basic understanding and knowledge of all aspects of project maintenance
  • Ensure the timely, effective and high quality monitoring and implementation of maintenance work.
  • Ensure continuous high quality curb appeal of property.
  • Ensure the appropriate hiring and monitoring of vendors and contractors to meet maintenance needs of project.
  • Ensure the timely and continuous inspection of units, common areas, building exteriors, grounds, and mechanical systems as needed to identify and care for maintenance needs.
  • Follow up promptly with corrective actions to physical inspections.
  • Work with on-site maintenance staff and executive staff to solve problems and make recommendations for repairs and replacements to maintenance systems and to develop maintenance policies, procedures and standards.

JOB FUNCTION: Develop, implement, and assess policies, procedures, practices and standards of the housing property and healthcare guidelines.


  • Write and implement policies, procedures and practices to ensure efficient operations and high quality standards that meet needs of the tenants and the goals of [Name of Company] and comply with regulatory agencies.
  • Ensure compliance of policies, procedures, practices and standards by staff and tenants.
  • Continuously monitor policies, procedures, practices and standards; revise as necessary to constantly improve service effectiveness and ensure the high quality of operations.

JOB FUNCTION: Support and work cooperatively with organized tenant groups.


  • Support the efforts and activities of the tenant council and other tenant groups and lead as needed.
  • Communicate regularly with the tenant council, advisory groups, committees and board of directors about operations and critical issues as appropriate.
  • Attend tenant council, committee and/or board of directors meetings as needed.
  • Recommend changes, improvements, new services and policies, etc. to board of directors as are appropriate to ensure optimal, high quality operations.

JOB FUNCTION: Develop, implement, and monitor the strategic plan for the housing property.


  • Participate with the executive staff in developing strategic direction and goals for the overall housing group.
  • Develop a strategic plan and goals for the housing property based on input from site staff, tenants, and executive staff. .
  • Lead the site staff in the implementation of the strategic plan for the housing property.

JOB FUNCTION: Ensure the development and implementation of support services and community building pro...


  • At least 5 years experience in similar housing position. Health Care experience preferred.
  • MN Driver’s license.

This position requires incumbent to have:

  • Knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations and statutes that pertain to housing and landlord tenant law and health care regulations related to assisted living and memory care.
  • Expertise in working with senior tenant populations, family members and consumers.
  • Excellent supervisory and leadership skills with the ability to effectively supervise a large number of staff.
  • Expertise in developing support services and building community support.
  • A high level of independent, problem solving skills to manage multiple properties and/or programs.
  • Knowledge of payroll
  • Knowledge of insurance billing (MA, EW, LTC).

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